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The Ice Cream Project (TIP) JB Review

December 22, 2015
the ice cream project

The Ice Cream Project (TIP), opened one and a half years ago, has become one of the most popular ice cream shops in JB. It is the longest standing ice cream shop in JB old town, way earlier than Koone, By Grace Trus and Sangkaya. In the midst of all these competition, The Ice Cream Project (TIP) still stands out in terms of taste, texture and creaminess, probably due to the fact that they adopt the liquid nitrogen method (one and only in JB). With the rise of artisanal ice cream, many people, including me are opting for such ice cream instead of commercial ones, read on to find out why. πŸ˜‰

The Place

the ice cream project

Yes, the iconic swing. With its dark grey walls and seemingly dilapidated exterior, The Ice Cream Project (TIP) might not be very prominent at first sight, so if you get lost in JB old town, just look for this swing (that’s what I always do). πŸ˜› It’s also sandwiched between The Replacement and Koone.

the ice cream project

Kitchen Aid mixers and liquid nitrogen tanks. I was talking toΒ the founder of The Ice Cream Project (TIP) before he left, and I realized that managing an ice cream shop like this is not an easy task at all, especially when liquid nitrogen is involved. Cost and transportation of liquid nitrogen are already tough issues to handle, so please cut them some slack, RM14 for good quality ice cream, using the freshest ingredients, is considered very affordable.

the ice cream project

More gigantic liquid nitrogen tanks…for display only!

the ice cream project

The interior of The Ice Cream Project (TIP), with very limited sitting area. I once visited them during the weekends and it was so crammed that many customers chose to stand outside.

The Food

Berry Christmas (RM14.00)

the ice cream project

YAY! New flavour for Christmas! This is “Berry Christmas”- frozen blueberries swirled in mixed berries ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce. I’ve tried all their flavours before and they never disappoint me, includingΒ their seasonal flavours (pineapple tart ice cream for CNY was amazing). They will officially launch this flavour from Christmas onwards, and it’ll only be available for a limited time only. If you’re very particular about your ice cream, you’ll love this and you’ll crave for more.

the ice cream project

It’s creamy, great consistency (no major ice crystals to ruin my indulgence), not too milky, full of flavour and there’re also bits and pieces of fresh blueberries. I love different textures in my ice cream, any crumble/chewy brownie/berries will certainlyΒ elevate an ice cream to the next level. I think The Ice Cream Project (TIP) has successfully accomplished this by adding an extra elementΒ to almost all their flavours.

the ice cream project

For those of you who don’t quite understand how liquid nitrogen comes into place, it is actually a chemical that can result in rapid freezing of a liquid base, e.g. milk and cream.

the ice cream project

Next, collecting liquid nitrogen from the tank. The staffs should really consider wearing safety goggles, liquid nitrogen is something that you don’t want to mess with!

the ice cream project

And pouring it into the liquid mixture while the mixer is running. WARNING: Liquid nitrogen (-196Β°C) is very dangerous, I know it’s cool and exciting to see large amount of fog gushing out of the mixer but please do not attempt to touch it or even go near it. I could even feel a mild burning sensation when I stood one feet away to take this picture.

the ice cream project

After a few ‘shots’ of liquid nitrogen, my ice cream started to solidify! I’m always fascinated by how science has transformed food and desserts. πŸ™‚

the ice cream project

Voila! Nothing beats a cup of delicious ice cream, on a hot and sunny day! Agreed! πŸ˜€

the ice cream project

These are the four main flavours in The Ice Cream Project (TIP). Just started my food blog recently so I don’t have photos of these in my album. But seriously, everything is awesome! πŸ˜‰

The Ice Cream Project (TIP) JB

31 Jalan Dhoby,Β Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia

Tel: +607-300 7286

Tue-Thu:Β 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Fri-Sat:Β 3:00 pm – 12:00 am

Sun:Β 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Mon: Closed

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