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By Grace Trus Ice Cream Review

January 3, 2016
by grace trus

By Grace Trus is the partner of By Grace Dessert Bar in Pelangi (read my review here), but they specialise in soft serve only, while the one in Pelangi serves plated dessert. Being one of the newest addition to the soft serve chain in JB old town, By Grace Trus has one of the better quality soft serves, but due to certain constraints, they only have one flavour currently (charcoal earl grey) with different toppings. Well, quality>>>quantity.

The Place

by grace trus

Located along Jalan Trus, its white exterior and small sign are not very noticeable, but I’m pretty sure you can find it as it is very near to JB’s most popular banana cake (Hiap Joo Bakery).

by grace trus

Interior of By Grace Trus, with its white ceiling, white walls, white lamps, white tiles and white tables. Very white-washed. πŸ˜›

by grace trus

By Grace Trus’ menu on the wall. When I visited them during their soft opening period, I thought the different names were referring to different flavours of the soft serve, but they actually represent different toppings of the soft serve. During my second visit, I notice the staff clarified with all the customers that all their soft serves have the same base, and even introduced all the flavours personally using his iPad. Great improvement.

by grace trus

My ice cream in the making. πŸ™‚ Would love to get my hands on one of those siphon guns one day.

The Food

Apple Crumble (RM18.90)

by grace trus

Charcoal earl grey soft serve, yogurt crispies, Granny Smith apples, vanilla espuma and cinnamon crumble. This is By Grace Trus’ latest flavour, which was launched on New Year’s Eve.

by grace trus

The charcoal earl grey soft serve was so creamy I had to ask the owner how he made it. He told me it’s made from fresh milk/cream entirely, without adding other ingredients to dilute the flavour. It is also infused with earl grey tea, with the addition ofΒ charcoal powder, which explains the colour. I always prefer to savor my ice cream with some crispy elements, thus I really like the yogurt crispies and cinnamon crumble. The vanilla espuma is made from authentic vanilla beans, so it has a particularly strong vanilla fragrance.

Chocolate (RM17.90) & Caramel (RM18.90)

by grace trus

The chocolate flavour (left) consists of dark chocolate caviar, ganache, espuma, feuilletine and rice crispies while the caramel flavour (right) consists of puff, caramel espuma, pumpkin seeds, salted caramel, caramel candy and rice crispies, both with the same base of charcoal earl grey ice cream (can’t seem to stress this enough haha).

by grace trus

I enjoyed both flavours as well, but I found it hard to scoop out all the elements into one perfect mouthful of goodness haha. I couldn’t dig out the rice crispies at the bottom especially so in the end, I just had to eat plain rice crispies. Perhaps they need to reconsider their use of this particularly tall, narrow and bland cup, substituting it with wider cups/plates or even tweaking it into a trifle with several layers so that all the elements can be relished together.

For the more health conscious bunch, do try their Osmanthus flavour which also contains Gojiberry (a superfood!). πŸ˜‰ Remember to check out my review of By Grace Dessert BarΒ hereΒ πŸ™‚

By Grace Trus

9, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Tel:Β +60 17 740 1733

Mon-Sun: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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