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Flowers in the Window Cafe JB (By Roost) Review

January 27, 2016
flowers in the window

Flowers in the Window is the latest addition to the Roost family, including Roost, Bev CΒ and Sea & Saw. The team behind Roost always excels in the decoration of their cafes (since they’re fashion designers), and Flowers in the Window does not disappoint with its flowery theme, thus every corner is Insta-worthy. For most of their cafes, the food overlaps (e.g. pies, juices and charcoal food) but Flowers in the Window is a new concept altogether, serving fresh sourdough, homemade cakes, traditional dishes as well as herb infused beverages. They also try to incorporate fresh herbsΒ in their dishes as much as possible, adhering close to its flowery theme.

The Place

flowers in the window

Located just a few stores away from Roost Cafe and directly opposite The Replacement, Flowers in the Window is definitely a strong contender among all the hipster cafes along Jalan Dhoby. JB town area is currently so saturated with cafes I wonder whether there’ll be any more openings in the near future.

flowers in the window

The interior sitting area. Do be careful as the chairs here are made of metal and full of sharp corners. My mum accidentally bumped into it and had a severely swollen knee. πŸ™

flowers in the window

And there’s a second storey of sitting area with more comfortable chairs. Pretty nice ambience.

flowers in the window

Every corner of the cafe has flowers, from leafy greens, chrysanthemum to lavender.

flowers in the window

Fresh sourdough and artisan breads! The plain sight of this makes me happy as I’m very much a bread person. πŸ˜€


View from the top, featuring its open-concept kitchen. Looks like a kitchen hidden in the woods!

The Food

Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella & Homemade Basil Pesto Bread (RM16.00)

flowers in the window

I was so excited when I saw their menu as they have one whole section dedicated to bread, served with different toppings. However, I was slightly disappointed to find out that their breads are not homemade but acquired from a local supplier. But it was still really fresh and tasted better than the other Artisan breads in JB. The homemade basil pesto was delish as well, noticing that even the single piece of basil leaf on the plate was so green and crisp, they must have used garden-fresh, hand-picked basil.

Miso Beef Stew with Sourdough Bread (RM25.00)

flowers in the window

YES, MORE BREAD. I think I really can survive on bread alone. πŸ˜› The beef stew was packed full of flavour, and has a very intense edge to it that I really enjoyed (especially when I dipped my sourdough into it). The beef was quite tender as well, but it was hard to cut through the tendons, and the fact that it is in a bowl made it a tougher task for me.

flowers in the window

It is also served with baby carrots (which I mistook for mini sausages) and they were very sweet, similar to the ones I had in Australia. If you’re in for a traditional treat, Flowers in the Window has brought back Roost’s famous Hainanese beef noodles, though I haven’t tried that before but have heard good reviews about it.

Rosemary, Raspberry, Chilli & Lemon Infused Syrup (RM12.90)

flowers in the window

One of the specialty of Flowers in the Window is their homemade herb and spice infused syrup beverages. It is such a unique concoction (Chilli & Rosemary?!!) so I had to try this out, despite being quite fearful of the use of chilli in desserts.

flowers in the window

This was something new and refreshing to my taste buds, definitely worth a try. The taste of rosemary wasn’t that distinct but there was a faint bitterness to the drink which might be contributed by the rosemary. It wasn’t spicy at all but I could feel the tingling sensation of chilli lingering on my mouth.

Flowers in the Window is going to be the newest hipster place to visit so do check them out! I think their beautiful flowers are for sale too so do drop by as Valentines is just around the corner. πŸ˜‰

Flowers in the Window Cafe

9 Jalan Dhoby,Β Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia

Mon-Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Closed on Tuesdays

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